(Only 41 days left …

… by nobody’s counting.)

Friends from many times and places,

Along the wall in the corridor outside by bedroom is a huge chart detailing my situation in Ukraine for the upcoming year and the to-do lists I must check off to get there.  I taped 12 pieces of college-ruled notebook paper to make it, and everything is in pencil for flexibility’s sake.

On April 14th I finished my AmeriCorps position, so checking off those to-do lists is now my full-time job.  Slowly but surely I am figuring out what tools I need to share my native language and how to fit my material world into the airline’s weight-limit.  My schedule for the year is taking shape: I now know I will be teaching at two schools, one in Péterfalva and one in the nearby city of Beregszasz.  (Tip for Hungarian pronunciation: pretend the z’s don’t exist.)  This change has increased my costs a little, but I’m confident I’ll work it in.

As far as money goes, I’ve raised $1200, almost half-way to my goal of $2800!  Every gift is so important, and I appreciate your generosity.  I can’t make this trip without support of every kind, and I’ve felt such an outpouring of financial help, words of encouragement, and love.

This past month, the alternating fear and excitement paused on excitement, and it grew into joyful anticipation.  That’s probably due to all the support I’ve felt.  And I suppose it’s that increased expectant energy that prompted the 12 page to-do list on my wall.  But fear has a way of creeping back in again, and lately I find myself staring at my calendar in bewilderment, frustrated with the fickleness of time and thinking about the vast space of one ocean and two continents.  Sometimes the world is so big.

So I ask for you to hold me in that clarifying Light again – because, as cliché as it might sound, this is not a trip I can make alone.  Your hugs and words are what strengthen my spirit.  Your donations are what will fly me across the world.  Your prayers are my encouragement every day (I’m still looking for people to fill my monthly prayer calendar, by the way).

I’m always happy to answer any questions via email, blog, phone, snail mail, passenger pigeon, etc.

I thank you each so much for the place you hold in my life.

About Cassidhe Hart

My favorite times of the year: when the weather is first cold enough to put socks on and when the weather is first warm enough to take my socks off.
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