Insomnia-prompted musings on time zones

I think it’s a robin that’s singing right now.  It reminds me of the summer I woke up at 4:30am several days a week to go to work at a bakery.  That singing reminded me that it was not, as it seemed, the middle of the night, and I was not alone in being up at that time.

I am up now (a little before 5am) because of illness.  One too many late night caught up with me, I think.  I just tend to feel more productive after 11pm these days.  A few nights ago, I stayed up until 3 cleaning the kitchen.  I’m not sure why – I’ve never been this way before.  And it’s mildly problematic, because if my insomnia doesn’t change directions, my jet lag when I arrive in Budapest will be even worse.  Hungary is 6 hours ahead of us here.  Transcarpathian Ukraine is a little schizophrenic in it’s time zone affiliation – a remnant of communist times – but whatever time it could be, staying up to midnight here is like staying up until 6 or 7 in the morning there.  I really need to reverse my pattern and start going to bed earlier.

So maybe it’s a good thing I’m awake at 5 in the morning.  Maybe I should do it more often.  I’m not sure the bird song is much incentive, thought.  My time zone adjustment may have to wait for a Ukrainian sunrise.  Until then, I’ll have to deal with my own schizophrenic time zones.


About Cassidhe Hart

My favorite times of the year: when the weather is first cold enough to put socks on and when the weather is first warm enough to take my socks off.
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