Poppies – poppies will put them to sleep

Somewhere in eastern Hungary, I mused on the number of travelling steps it takes to get from Lexington, KY, to Péterfalva, Ukraine.  Plane from Lexington to Chicago.  Plane from Chicago to London.  This flight was delayed by one hour because of some baggage issues.  But I got to listen to Barber’s String Serenade and watch a movie and eat neatly packaged airplane food, so I didn’t mind the delay – that is, until we arrived in London an hour late and I missed my connecting flight.

Plane from London to Budapest.  I worried the whole way there that the person picking me up wouldn’t know that I was coming on the next plane.  But I got a very yummy tuna sandwich, so I knew I at least wouldn’t be hungry.

I arrived in Budapest, collected my baggage, and was met at the airport by Marta, the wife of one of the Ars Longa directors.  She drove me and two other English camp teachers from Budapest to her house in a little town outside Budapest.

My friends, June in Hungary is full of wild flowers – poppies, queen anne’s lace, purple flowers, pink flowers, yellow flowers.  My jet lag was terrible, but I stayed awake the entire hour of the car ride just because the flowers made me so happy.

Marta and her family were wonderful, feeding us and talking with us and dealing gently with our tired selves.  After dinner, we hopped in the van with David, the other Ars Longa director, and began the drive to Ukraine.  All three of us girls slept nearly the entire 6 hour drive.  It felt wonderful.

The students leave for the weekend tomorrow, so this weekend I will have more free time, and I’ll be sure write about what’s been happening at the English camp.  Until then, Víszontlatásra (goodbye)!


About Cassidhe Hart

My favorite times of the year: when the weather is first cold enough to put socks on and when the weather is first warm enough to take my socks off.
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