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I didn’t know it was possible, but the bus I took to Beregszasz early Wednesday morning was even more full than the one I had taken on the fateful first trip.  There were two other people waiting to get on … Continue reading

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This post is about food

Things I like: Pale, yellow peppers abundant bread tea with real plums sunk to the bottom, flavoring everything so intensely fresh mint picked from the pasture on the island in the Tisza cabbage and carrots + dill Rosemary in soup Things that … Continue reading

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Things I’m still learning how to do:

1) Using my teeth to cut scotch tape.  The only scissors I have are a tiny, doll-sized variety that came in my travel sewing kit, and they are not equipped for tape-cutting.  So teeth it is. The second most uncomfortable-while … Continue reading



I have a list that I made with my sister and my friend LaSheena.  It has a good deal of random things on it: grow an herb garden, swim in bio-luminescent water, knit a hat.  Stay for a longer time … Continue reading

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Péterfalva – a sensory introduction

[Dear friends.  Some of the things I am about to describe might sound … old-fashioned.  Quaint.  Not only in this blog entry but in many to come.  You mustn’t think of them this way because nobody here does.  Nobody thinks … Continue reading


How does one get stuck in Paris twice in a lifetime?

I’m not complaining.  But really, it happens twice? So I’ll admit: travelling in Paris has little to do with sojourning and even less to do with Transcarpathia.  But bear with me – because everywhere I’ve been has gotten me to … Continue reading

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In which I haven’t the faintest idea where I am

I stood just to the side of the bus, watching passenger after passenger climb off – clowns-in-a-car fashion; we had been crammed in so tight – but not one of the people exiting approached me and introduced themselves as Timi. … Continue reading