Summer Visual Retrospective 2

Lake Balaton – the vacation location for most Hungarians and many Germans and Austrians as well.  And a small group of North American English teachers on their way to Southern Hungary for more camps.

This castle has been around since the 1100’s during which time the hill it occupied was an island.  Lake Balaton has since changed shape, and the castle is in (well-maintained) ruins, but I stood on the top turret and imagined scanning that far view for some sign of invading Turks or watching the harvest brought in or enjoying the breeze.  Well, I didn’t have to imagine enjoying the breeze; it is pleasant enough in our own century.

There’s a small area near Lake Balaton that is called The Sea of Rocks, a place that, to me, looks like either 1) A good place for a picnic in a painting or 2) The perfect setting for an epic journey with hobbits and/or talking beavers, etc.  In this picture, we’re all pointing to this puddle because someone had said there were lakes among the rocks and we’re wondering if we’ve found one.

It felt a lot higher than it looks.

Castle + Lake Balaton + wildflowers = happiness to the nth degree


About Cassidhe Hart

My favorite times of the year: when the weather is first cold enough to put socks on and when the weather is first warm enough to take my socks off.
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