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Welcome to Transcarpathia, the long, flat land that looks east to the mountains, a region which has changed hands 4 times in the past 100 years, a place where yards are walled but once you step through that gate you will be treated like royalty.

There are a few things you need to know now that you’ve arrived – some tips and caveats.

  • Transcarpathia is strictly BYOTP: Bring Your Own Toilet Paper.  There’s plenty for sale in the shops, just don’t expect to find it in the stalls.
  • The post office is open one hour every weekday.  No more, no less (well, maybe less).  And if you’re short on toilet paper, they sell it there, right next to the dish soap and envelopes.
  • Don’t ask what you are eating.

“Szabina, I really like this rice and mushroom dish.”

“It’s not mushrooms, it’s liver.”

(mustering up comparable enthusiasm) “Oh.  I really like this rice and liver dish.”

  • There are four standard greetings for different age groups and situations: Szia, Jó napot, Aldas Békesseg, and csókolom.  Try not to mix them up.
  • In Hungarian, dogs say Bow Wow and pigs say Woof Woof.  Keep this in mind, or you will be very confused when your host is trying explain what the meat is by saying “woof, woof.”
  • You will not be able to rush anything.  Not even class scheduling.

About Cassidhe Hart

My favorite times of the year: when the weather is first cold enough to put socks on and when the weather is first warm enough to take my socks off.
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2 Responses to [clever title here]

  1. Brad Taft says:

    Cassidhe, Hey, how are you doing? Your photo’s are great, Love to see how you are doing… Beautiful!

    Just a hoot, recently(as in today) I’ve been listening to the band RUSH.. there CD, interestingly titled… “Retrospective 3″… very cool tunes and quite pertinent, right?

    Love Ya,


  2. Brad,
    Thanks for checking in! I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures (and that you are finding those funny little links that pop up in our lives …).
    I’m doing pretty well; just finished a good lesson.
    Be well,

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