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The Tisza

It’s the longest tributary to the Danube, the 16th longest river in Europe, a survivor of an environmental disaster larger than the red sludge spill, a basin river of wandering curves, the river I walk to on every lovely day. … Continue reading

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Péterfalvai Református Líceum, part 2

The other day, curious to get a bird’s eye view of twisting river branches north of Péterfalva, I looked at the village on Google Maps.  After realizing that the river’s meanderings and islands were much more complicated than I’d thought, … Continue reading

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Eating Autumn

So there’s this thing called synasthesia.  It’s not a disease but rather a condition in which a person associates traits of one sense with traits of another.  My sister, for example, sees the word “four” as yellow.  She says my name is … Continue reading

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Péterfalvai Református Licuem – Part 1

Before coming to Ukraine, my encounters with boarding schools were limited to books like Harry Potter and A Little Princess.  I am now a resident at a boarding school along with about 80 students as well as various teachers, their … Continue reading

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We don’t kiss chickens

The last post was very much about me.  So on to those precocious youngsters I call my students.   A few anecdotes for you. In Beregszasz I teach younger students – ages 10 to 12.  This week both groups were … Continue reading

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There are two arguments against taking my camera with me on walks. First.  I don’t enjoy the walks in the same way when I have a camera.  I don’t enjoy them as much.  I’ve been teaching myself to turn the … Continue reading

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Random things that cannot be collected under one title

First of all:  It takes about 9 days for a letter to reach me. However, the letters I sent several weeks ago still have not arrived in the U.S.  So there’s a disparity there.  I promise, I have sent some … Continue reading

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