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On Hope and the Kingdom

The scripture reading in church this morning was as follows: Once, on being asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, Jesus replied, “The coming of the kingdom of God is not something that can be observed, … Continue reading

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Easy as pie

My dear friends, there are many fabulous food writers in the blogosphere who post entries that are immensely superior to this one in many ways.  Their recipes are tasty twists on old favorites, their directions are full of truly helpful tips, … Continue reading

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Boldog Szuletésnapot

On the sidewalk outside the market, rows of old women sit on wooden stools, kerchiefs tied around their heads, their bicycles resting against trees and posts.  They sell jars of chestnuts and berries, bags of garlic and mushrooms and squash, … Continue reading

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I think there are four turkeys on my desk

Not real ones, silly. The kind made from tracing one’s hand.  I’ve been overdosing on Thanksgiving activities the last few days, and not because of some strange nostalgic need to revisit the trappings of what is certainly not my most favorite … Continue reading

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Evening comes early

On Friday I walked to Ildiko’s house in the dark.  It was only 5 o’ clock, but a number of factors have conspired to give us here in Transcarpathia an early dusk.  Firstly, we’re kind of northern.  Sometimes I forget … Continue reading

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In which I am pretty-much-almost defeated by nature

I was hesitant, at first, to post this story on my blog.  It may seem a little bit TMI to some. But my mother (who has significantly less inhibitions than I do) said she didn’t see why I couldn’t tell … Continue reading

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Four Beregszasz Vignettes

1. After 4pm, when the sun finally stops trying to get higher in the sky and just gives up, the bustle of Beregszasz clears out.  Last night I walked to the town center at 6:30pm.  It had been dark for … Continue reading

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