Thanksgiving Pictures!

Below are some photographs from the two Thanksgiving celebrations I planned – one in Beregszasz at the Gymnaszium, one in Péterflava at the Líceum.  The pumpkin pies in Péterfalva were a bit easier to make for two reasons: Irmanéni (the principal) brought me an electric mixer for pureeing pumpkin, and the three present cooks helped me a good deal.  Still no measuring cups or thermometers, and I had to content myself with square baking pans.  But 8 batches of pumpkin pie later, it was all worth it.  No one here had ever tasted pumpkin pie before, and the quickly disappearing pieces made me happy.

Here are some pictures from craft time in Beregszasz.  The students wrote what they were thankful for on the turkeys, sometimes in English, sometimes in Hungarian.

For some reason, this computer won’t save the pictures when I rotate them, so the turkey/student portraits I took vertically will have to wait for another post.

There was a hug-line at the end of the class/party.  All those hours of baking, racing back and forth from my house to the school because I forgot the turkey-making paper …  it was all worth it for the moments crowded around my computer looking at Thanksgiving pictures and the one last hug or picture that the lingering students just had to squeeze in.

And now on to Péterfalva:

I gave a presentation about this history of Thanksgiving (did you know it was writer and editor Sarah J. Hale who campaigned to make Thanksgiving a national holiday?), there was a slide show with pictures from my family, we ate pumpkin pie, there may or may not have been a game involving blindfolds and wooden spoons, and we wrote up the things we’re thankful for on paper leaves and put them up on a tree.

As for me, hálás vagyok lenniért itt.  I am thankful to be here.


About Cassidhe Hart

My favorite times of the year: when the weather is first cold enough to put socks on and when the weather is first warm enough to take my socks off.
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One Response to Thanksgiving Pictures!

  1. I remember making those “hand turkeys when I was little.

    Thanks for the memories.


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