First Weekend Back

You can see that my title-creativity is improving.

So.  Friday night, after the testimonies, there were still unprecedented (at least for me) amounts of young people hanging about in Kriszpont, and they continued to hang out quite loudly until 6 o’ clock in the morning.  I never did fall asleep.  So I backed out of an outing with Marielle and (German volunteer) Eva and slept until 1 instead.  They came over later to make a roasted veggie dinner and watch The Truman Show, so our time together was not completely eclipsed by my need for sleep.

Marielle and Eva spent the night, and after a very, very late breakfast, we headed up to the Kereszt Hegy (Cross Mountain) for some exploring.  It was  day I would have described as dreary if I hadn’t been so content.  All the snow had melted into mud puddles, and the rich, earthy colors of winter were stark against the low clouds.  We talked and took pictures and mused on our life here and why we seemed odd to like walking so much.

One of the town’s many stray dogs followed us all the way back down from the cross monument, down the icy, muddy path, along the busy road, past the cemetery blanketed in plastic flowers.  We lost it at a trash heap.

That night we made roasted potatoes and shared them with two girls who were at Kriszpont that evening – Edina and Krisztina.  Our conversation was one of the more enjoyable I have had.  Because of Marielle’s excellent English/Hungarian translating skills, we all could feel more or less fluent and discuss some of the finer points of language.  While cleaning the dinner dishes and greeting the recently-arrived Nasstasja, Marielle and I were drawn to the computer by some folk music Krisztina was playing, and before long we found ourselves in a circle in the middle of the kitchen, learning the steps to a Hungarian folk dance.

I’m not sure how long we danced or how many different dances we learned, some in a circle, some more reminiscent of those ball-room dances in Jane Austen movies (though with a decidedly rowdier feel).  Each of us was smiling the entire time, and even though I was out of breath, I didn’t want to stop.  Why don’t we socialize with these kind of dances anymore?

Stories and pictures from my Lithuania trip will be forthcoming.  Think medieval streets and snow and excellent food and get excited.


About Cassidhe Hart

My favorite times of the year: when the weather is first cold enough to put socks on and when the weather is first warm enough to take my socks off.
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3 Responses to First Weekend Back

  1. Emily Kathman says:

    I concur with you completely about how people need to socialize more with rowdy ballroom dancing. Also, I love The Truman Show. I named my imaginary dinosaur friend after it.

  2. Emily,
    Amen. I say, let’s ditch proms and banquets and bring back the ball.
    Also, is your imaginary dinosaur’s name “The Truman Show” or just “Truman”? I would imagine having a friend named The Truman Show might get confusing.

  3. Emily Kathman says:

    My dinosaur is just named Truman, but sometimes, when he is pretending to be a magical fairy prince, his name is Atticus (don’t tell anyone, though, the magical fairy prince is also a secret agent).
    I think the world would be a much happier place if people went to more balls and/or sock hops.

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