In which I share with you one week of food

Day 1

Breakfast: pork, pickles, bread, butter, tea

Lunch: creamy bean soup, mashed potatoes, pickled cabbage, pork, bread, tea

Dinner: pasta with cabbage, pickles, bread, tea

Day 2

Breakfast: hard-boiled eggs, bread, butter, tea

Lunch-ish in Beregszasz: cherry pie, carrots, crackers, tea

Dinner in Beregszasz: Roasted veggies (I love it when I can cook for myself)

Day 3

Breakfast: non-existent; I was late for the bus back to Péterfalva

Lunch: veggie and pork soup, potato pasta, pickles, bread, tea

Dinner: Bean gulyas, stuffed cabbage, palacsinata, bread, grape juice

Day 4

Breakfast: oatmeal (in my room)

Lunch: creamy green bean soup, small round pasta, pork, bread, tea

Dinner: potato salad, bread, tea



Day 5

Breakfast: oatmeal?  I didn’t write this one down.

Lunch: creamy potato soup, pasta with fat and crushed walnuts and sugar, bread, tea

Dinner: rice and sausage, pickled, preserved peppers, bread, tea

Day 6

Breakfast: sausage, bread, butter, tea

Lunch: vegetable and noodle soup, buckwheat and pork and oil, bread, tea

Dinner: yellow lentils with bacon and bacon fat, pickles, bread, tea


About Cassidhe Hart

My favorite times of the year: when the weather is first cold enough to put socks on and when the weather is first warm enough to take my socks off.
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3 Responses to In which I share with you one week of food

  1. Jon Hart says:

    After reading that I have a strong, strange urge to excercise.

  2. You and me both, Papa.

  3. Geurk says:

    food. is sooooo good.


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