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February: wintriness vs. springiness

It is well-established my own little world that winter is the enemy and must be endured with restless and determined forbearance.  And while Spring is not my favorite season, directly after Christmas I begin longing for it with such intensity that … Continue reading

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Feel the love: when I remember to see God in other people

1. A sore throat and snuffle-y nose greeted me on Sunday, so I called V. Edit to ask her to tell the pastor’s family that I wouldn’t be joining them for lunch after church.  I go there every other Sunday … Continue reading

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Houses in the booming metropolis of Beregszász

Bereszász has 26, 600 people, which is only half the size of my hometown’s university, but the town often seems like the center of civilization to me.  I love living in Péterfalva, but it is half the size of my … Continue reading

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how to live alone well – installment three

4) watch BBC miniseries like there’s no tomorrow What do The Way We Live Now, David Copperfield, The Old Curiosity Shop, Domby and Son, Jane Eyre, North and South, and Bleak House all have in common? For starters, they are all originally … Continue reading

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The Carpathians

The sunny days of this week brought the mountains back into the picture.  I remember waking up on a somewhat misty morning, not noticing anything particular until the sun had been up long enough to burn off some of the … Continue reading

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Tivadárfalvai Templom

[The church right across from the school does not have a bulletin.  But if it did, and if it were translated into English, it might look something like this.] Welcome to the Tivadár Hungarian Reformed Church!  We’re glad that you … Continue reading

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how to live alone well – installment two

2) write letters; especially, write a letter in an unconventional way (for instance, write it on your leftover boarding passes because paper is hard to come by here) 3) learn to love your dwelling and spend some time nesting My … Continue reading

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