Houses in the booming metropolis of Beregszász

Bereszász has 26, 600 people, which is only half the size of my hometown’s university, but the town often seems like the center of civilization to me.  I love living in Péterfalva, but it is half the size of my old college, which boasts all of 4,500 students.  It’s all about comparison.

So the booming metropolis of Beregszász is the place where one can find supermarkets (though on a miniature scale; I told my family once that I was doing “a little shopping” not because of the time I spent but because the shops themselves were little).  There’s also a stoplight here, as well as a small college, two theatres, and some apartment buildings.  There’s really quite a variety of architecture here – soviet-era flats, dirt roads of village-style houses, multi-level homes, small shops, big shops.  Below is an example of the traditional Hungarian “town-house.”

The length of the house runs parallel to the road rather than perpendicular to it.  The door/gate on the far right goes through the house to a courtyard.  (Also note the green and white screens on the windows; screens are just not all that common here.)

Not all town houses are like this, especially in newer areas of town.  And even in older parts, there’s a mix.

Above: good example of a mix.

I’m still having trouble including people in my photographs, but here’s one I did manage to catch:


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