February: wintriness vs. springiness

It is well-established my own little world that winter is the enemy and must be endured with restless and determined forbearance.  And while Spring is not my favorite season, directly after Christmas I begin longing for it with such intensity that my bones ache.

But there are some upsides to the frozen bleakness that winter breathes down on us here in Ukraine (or in Grand Rapids … really, I’m tempted to say it’s worse in GR).

First, when the temperature drops below freezing, all the oozing mud pits, I mean sidewalks, freeze up and become much more passable.  (Previously-mentioned downside: the snow that falls on them hardens into long, skinny ice rinks.)

Secondly, it is my opinion that the mountains are more interesting in the winter(when the clouds permit us to actually see them, that is).  Their nakedness reveals detail and depth; I feel blissfully lost in the bigness and seemingly infinite complexity.  When my bones are aching for spring, the mountains’s bones are showing their strength.

And finally, winter months mean scenes like this take place:

This Saturday the whole school went on quite an epic sledding/skiing trip.  More details to follow.


About Cassidhe Hart

My favorite times of the year: when the weather is first cold enough to put socks on and when the weather is first warm enough to take my socks off.
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2 Responses to February: wintriness vs. springiness

  1. Caroline says:

    Winter can’t make up its mind here in Grand Rapids. We had a thaw about two weeks ago and now it’s mostly sort of wet during the day and icy at night. I’ve taken to wearing my Wellies everywhere and hoping I can force in spring by sheer mental will.

    I’ll let you know how that goes. 🙂

  2. Caroline,
    I have tried the sheer mental will approach to spring. In fact, I admit that I’m trying it now.
    There is still snow on the ground.
    Time to bring out the heavy artillery.

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