Romanian teaching

My spring break was not technically a break for me, though it was reviving and soul-filling in very many ways.  While I was in Kolozsvár/Cluj (the first is the Hungarian name, the second is the Romanian name), I taught several lessons at the Reformed Montessori School which Saci Visky supports.  It’s quite a small school, and the students there are all part of the Hungarian minority in Cluj.  I taught various age groups, and these pictures are from a class with the older students.

Besides playing a few theatre games, we sang songs (like Row Your Boat and Yankee Doodle), talked about our families, and I threw in some competition to practice verb endings.  It was intriguing to be in a Montessori school and observe the dynamics that go on in this kind of atmosphere.  I was impressed by the energy in the classroom and the genuine relationships between teachers and students.  I was also saddened by the animosity between the Romanian public school students and the Hungarian Montessori kids as they were required to share the same concrete play space for recess every day.

I wish that I had the chance to get to know each of these students better; their personalities shined.  The teachers, too, were gracious and welcoming.  Sometimes I had trouble thinking up enough activities for all the classes (I taught 10 or 12 in all), but I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this opportunity to build relationships with one more school in the Hungarian diaspora.

The picture directly above, by the way, is one captured moment from a hilarious enactment of a “waking you up in the morning” machine.

More Romania coming soon.  I’ve been so busy doing things I haven’t had time to write about doing them.  Which is not a terribly bad predicament in my book.



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