how to live well alone – installment four

I’ve actually been spending precious little time alone these days; teaching, tutoring, visiting friends in the village, going to holiday church services, making dinner with my new Beregszasz roommate Marielle … these activities have kept me from updating this blog as frequently as before.  I would apologize, but certainly there are times in our life when it is more important to live life than write about it. Nevertheless, more posts will be on their way … after I get back from Kiev …  

6) animate inanimate objects

I don’t know if this one properly counts because I have been animating and anthropomorphizing everything from cars to bathroom cleaning products since I was old enough to talk (which my parents will tell you was about 9 months).  Those bathroom cleaning products were a family visiting all their friends in each of the bathrooms; it made chores much more interesting.  Sets of silverware were families, too.  My bedroom was a town and all my toys the inhabitants.  My brother’s bedroom was a town, too – primarily occupied by pirate Legos – and once, my pacifistic farming community town was forced to impose a sanction on his military community for using our products to fund his martial activities. Then he laid siege to my room and cut us off from our trading routes, except for the doll house people who lived just outside the town’s borders …

Sorry.  You see how engrained this way of thinking is in me.  So. I decided to watch the original Star Wars trilogy, but these are not films I have ever watched alone.  We often watched them together as a family, and there was always a non-reader around to whom we had to read the opening scrolling titles.  I couldn’t imagine not reading those prologues out loud.  So before I settled myself down on the couch-bed (not to be confused with the bed-bed and the bed-for-putting-random-stuff-on), I brought Snuggles over from her perch on the pillows and set her on my lap.  Besides being an audience for my dramatic reading of the titles, Snuggles enthusiastically conducted the Emperor’s March and asked incessant questions.  In short, her presence greatly enhanced my movie viewing experience.

Snuggles, by the way, has been in my possession since I was born. Until I was seven years old, she was just another stuffed animal.  I slept with a different stuffed animal each night because I didn’t want anyone to get jealous.  Then I read The Velveteen Rabbit and decided it was time I had a particularly special stuffed animal.  Snuggles was chosen because of her presence at the beginning of my life and because she was a teddy bear – what could be more proper than to have a favorite teddy bear?  She has accompanied me everywhere ever since.

I received this flower from Timi in Tiszabükeny about the time I was going through the Star Wars trilogy, and I decided to name it Princess Leia.  It’s white, you see, and Princess Leia wears exclusively white for about 87% of the films.  Whenever I have houseplants in my possession, I always hope that naming them and therefore elevating them to pet status will help me not kill them.  So far it’s worked for Princess Leia.


About Cassidhe Hart

My favorite times of the year: when the weather is first cold enough to put socks on and when the weather is first warm enough to take my socks off.
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3 Responses to how to live well alone – installment four

  1. Kathie says:

    A twinge of nostalgia hit me as you talked about making silverware and other household objects into families. How I delighted in watching you do that. I also really liked seeing Snuggles again — an old family friend. Love you.

  2. Emily Kathman says:

    I am terrible about personifying inanimate objects. Just today, Colin and I found some scattered tulip petals, and I had to pick up each and every one, because if I missed one, it would feel lonely and left out. And as a child, I had to sleep with every stuffed animal I could, and apologized profusely to the ones I could not fit in my bed, for the same reason. My oldest stuffed animal is a bear named Wilson- he looks much like snuggles, except he is brown and a tad less surprised-looking.
    Most all of my plants, all of which are named, have survived, even the African violets (Agatha and Thurgood) that I have had for four years. It is a good method naming is.

  3. Mama,
    When I come back, I can re-enact some of the more dramatic flatware moments if you’d like.
    I had never realized it, but Snuggles DOES looked suprised. And I, too, was able to sustain the live of an African Violet for some years, but I never could get it to bloom again.

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