Ars Longa

[from their website]

The Ars Longa Foundation was founded in early 1992 in order to identify and assist in directing intellectual, spiritual and financial support to those domestic and international undertakings in which the participants strive for the betterment of the community and its cultural awareness. One of the important goals which the Foundation has fixed for itself is the completion of a methodical survey of the veritable property, effects and associated cultural heritage of the historical churches functioning in the Hungarian language within the successor states beyond the borders of present-day Hungary. From the information garnered in this survey, the Foundation is able to identify issues or predicaments for which it attempts, within its means, to organize assistance.

 The individuals who participate in the activities of the Foundation are, for the most part, well-versed in the areas of the arts, social sciences, theology and the day-to-day issues of the Christian churches in the Central European arena. The financial assistance directed towards realizing the Foundation’s stated goals is secured from both private contributions and from other foundations by virtue of submitted specific project-assistance requests. The Foundation is open to all those who can identify with the Foundation’s stated goals and activities and are willing to make these goals their own and support their realization (not necessarily by only financial means).

Ars Longa North America (ALNA) exists to promote the formation of historical Christian values among young people in East Central Europe to further the development of strong Christian communities. It works primarily with the Ars Longa Foundation in its efforts to offer consultation, fundraising, and encouragement to youth programs associated with the Reformed church in Hungary, the Ukraine, and Croatia. ALNA has chosen to focus its efforts on two facets of Ars Longa’s work, the Reformed high schools in Transcarpathia, Ukraine and the Ars Longa community development effort in Baranya County, Hungary


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