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My favorite times of the year: when the weather is first cold enough to put socks on and when the weather is first warm enough to take my socks off.


I spent my final weekend in Ukraine curled up on a bed in Szabina’s house, fighting off a cold and slogging through Wuthering Hights (but now I can say that I’ve read it and have the right to critique it, which … Continue reading

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English Camp

After graduation – and by after graduation I mean only about 2 hours later – my dear friend Kathleen crossed the border into Ukraine to come visit me.  A few days later, we were off to visit more southern places. … Continue reading

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Hello, goodbye

For the past 6 years of my life, May has been a time of endings and farewells.  That’s the norm of academic life.  If an academic’s new year is in September, May becomes a sort of drawn out New Year’s … Continue reading

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Pomp and Circumstance

My friends, I apologize for my long silence.  Returning to the states has been an overwhelming venture, and I find myself lost every time I remember Ukraine and how far away I am from everything that was a part of … Continue reading

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how to live alone well – installment 5

7) get crafty  Save every piece of paper – tickets, receipts, brochures – browse through buttons, collect yarn, sit in the sewing room with Edit … … though, of course, sewing with Edit is not being alone.  When Edit goes … Continue reading

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Still here

Last night in Europe, friends. But don’t imagine that the blog posts have come so quickly to an end – I have so many things I want to share with you about my final month. So, once I’m no longer … Continue reading

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Summer means we can go places

Sure, it was only May, but it was practically summer.  There was no cold wind blowing from the mountains anymore and no lakes of mud to suck us in to our knees.  This means that outings to the river were … Continue reading

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