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I spent my final weekend in Ukraine curled up on a bed in Szabina’s house, fighting off a cold and slogging through Wuthering Hights (but now I can say that I’ve read it and have the right to critique it, which … Continue reading

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Hello, goodbye

For the past 6 years of my life, May has been a time of endings and farewells.  That’s the norm of academic life.  If an academic’s new year is in September, May becomes a sort of drawn out New Year’s … Continue reading

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Summer means we can go places

Sure, it was only May, but it was practically summer.  There was no cold wind blowing from the mountains anymore and no lakes of mud to suck us in to our knees.  This means that outings to the river were … Continue reading

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I’m sitting in the teacher’s room, and everything is quiet.  Everything except the hum of the computer.  Everything except a sudden, slow crescendo of raindrops on the leaves in the orchard outside.  Our land is parched for rain, and all … Continue reading

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Some ways I’ve been keeping busy

Spring doesn’t just change the trees (oh, how I love that new baby green) and the flowers and the slant of the sunlight (or the length of sunlight).  It changes the bones of the earth.  Every chance I get, and … Continue reading

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