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Hello, goodbye

For the past 6 years of my life, May has been a time of endings and farewells.  That’s the norm of academic life.  If an academic’s new year is in September, May becomes a sort of drawn out New Year’s … Continue reading

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Walking with Cintia

When the weather warms up in Transcarpathia, it is impossible to stay still.  The world just needs to be walked in.  Cintia shares that belief with me, and, now that it’s actually light when I walk to her house for … Continue reading

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Soska and white flowers

It was a pale, silver sliver of a spring evening, and the twilight slant lasted longer than usual.  I arrived a little early at Ildiko’s house and, with a hankering for something green, headed to the village yard to find … Continue reading

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Why I will go back to Romania some day, part 2

This is the sight that greeted me every morning while I stayed with the Viskys.  Most of the books were in Hungarian, of course, and I didn’t even finish the one in English I picked out, but that isn’t the … Continue reading

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Every Saturday, when the weather is tolerable and the children’s health is in good order, I bike over to a house two villages over, in Tiszabükeny, where I tutor the two oldest children in English.  The house boasts 8 children … Continue reading

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[sledding!] [I don’t think these pictures need words.  Don’t worry.  A nice wordy, picture-free post is coming up soon.]

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Feel the love: when I remember to see God in other people

1. A sore throat and snuffle-y nose greeted me on Sunday, so I called V. Edit to ask her to tell the pastor’s family that I wouldn’t be joining them for lunch after church.  I go there every other Sunday … Continue reading

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