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Pomp and Circumstance

My friends, I apologize for my long silence.  Returning to the states has been an overwhelming venture, and I find myself lost every time I remember Ukraine and how far away I am from everything that was a part of … Continue reading

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So this is why I haven’t written

Currently my Dad and brother are visiting me.  This is how I feel about that:    These next few weeks are filled with comings and goings and endings and beginnings, so we will see how regularly I am able to … Continue reading

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Easter. After I woke up on Easter morning, I walked down the dirt road behind the school and cut some blossoming branches from an unidentified fruit tree (I’m sure someone can identify it; I just can’t).  I put them in … Continue reading

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I told J. Edit as we walked back from a concert on Sunday that I was very tired but wasn’t sure why.  “Tavaszi fáradtság,” she said to me.  Spring tiredness.  It was the second time I’d heard that phrase in … Continue reading

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Houses in the booming metropolis of Beregszász

Bereszász has 26, 600 people, which is only half the size of my hometown’s university, but the town often seems like the center of civilization to me.  I love living in Péterfalva, but it is half the size of my … Continue reading

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Tivadárfalvai Templom

[The church right across from the school does not have a bulletin.  But if it did, and if it were translated into English, it might look something like this.] Welcome to the Tivadár Hungarian Reformed Church!  We’re glad that you … Continue reading

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In which I share with you one week of food

Day 1 Breakfast: pork, pickles, bread, butter, tea Lunch: creamy bean soup, mashed potatoes, pickled cabbage, pork, bread, tea Dinner: pasta with cabbage, pickles, bread, tea Day 2 Breakfast: hard-boiled eggs, bread, butter, tea Lunch-ish in Beregszasz: cherry pie, carrots, crackers, … Continue reading

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