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I spent my final weekend in Ukraine curled up on a bed in Szabina’s house, fighting off a cold and slogging through Wuthering Hights (but now I can say that I’ve read it and have the right to critique it, which … Continue reading

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Walking with Cintia

When the weather warms up in Transcarpathia, it is impossible to stay still.  The world just needs to be walked in.  Cintia shares that belief with me, and, now that it’s actually light when I walk to her house for … Continue reading

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Some ways I’ve been keeping busy

Spring doesn’t just change the trees (oh, how I love that new baby green) and the flowers and the slant of the sunlight (or the length of sunlight).  It changes the bones of the earth.  Every chance I get, and … Continue reading

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Soska and white flowers

It was a pale, silver sliver of a spring evening, and the twilight slant lasted longer than usual.  I arrived a little early at Ildiko’s house and, with a hankering for something green, headed to the village yard to find … Continue reading

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How to have the perfect afternoon:

1) Pull out all the bikes from storage at the school and gather as many students who have a sense of adventure as you can. 2) Distribute bags of food to all the teachers (and some students if they have … Continue reading

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Walking in Beregszász, visual edition

In order: the Főiskóla in the main square, a close-up of its windows, the Reformed Church bell tower, decorations in the Catholic Church, patriotic decorations, the Orthodox Church, a house, the cross in the Orthodox courtyard, two views of the … Continue reading

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Houses in the booming metropolis of Beregszász

Bereszász has 26, 600 people, which is only half the size of my hometown’s university, but the town often seems like the center of civilization to me.  I love living in Péterfalva, but it is half the size of my … Continue reading

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