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English Camp

After graduation – and by after graduation I mean only about 2 hours later – my dear friend Kathleen crossed the border into Ukraine to come visit me.  A few days later, we were off to visit more southern places. … Continue reading

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I’m here!

Guess what. The world’s still round. It is still impossible for me to fall off. I’m here!  Here has just been changing so frequently that I haven’t been able to update anything.  Things are still a little hectic with English … Continue reading

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Romanian teaching

My spring break was not technically a break for me, though it was reviving and soul-filling in very many ways.  While I was in Kolozsvár/Cluj (the first is the Hungarian name, the second is the Romanian name), I taught several … Continue reading

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Várja – Wait

I had grand plans for pre-writing posts and scheduling them to go up while I was on spring break.  You can see how well that worked. Currently, I am in Kolozsvár, Romania, visiting the Visky family and teaching a little … Continue reading

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Every Saturday, when the weather is tolerable and the children’s health is in good order, I bike over to a house two villages over, in Tiszabükeny, where I tutor the two oldest children in English.  The house boasts 8 children … Continue reading

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Twist and shout!

Last week, one of my students showed up with a box labeled ТВИСТЕР (at least, I’m pretty sure that’s how you spell “Twister” in Cyrillic).  She asked if we could play, and every other student looked up at me with an … Continue reading

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New lessons of 2011

For my very first lesson of 2011, my preparation included watching the film Secondhand Lions three times.  It’s a rough life, I know, but somebody’s got to do it.  The second-year elective students watch a film for our lesson together … Continue reading

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