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Summer means we can go places

Sure, it was only May, but it was practically summer.  There was no cold wind blowing from the mountains anymore and no lakes of mud to suck us in to our knees.  This means that outings to the river were … Continue reading

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Odds and ends

Non-lengthy things I want to tell you that, when added together, might be lengthy: A) The past few days have been chilly.  The pastor’s wife tells me this is because it snowed a foot and a half in the mountains, … Continue reading

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Winter is funny sometimes.

But I’m sure glad it’s over.

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Signs that spring is coming to Transcarpathia

(in order of appearance) 1) The Tisza River turns a turquoise blue – the color I’ve always seen in movies for cold water but never believed could exist naturally – and chunks of ice come floating down from the mountains. … Continue reading

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February: wintriness vs. springiness

It is well-established my own little world that winter is the enemy and must be endured with restless and determined forbearance.  And while Spring is not my favorite season, directly after Christmas I begin longing for it with such intensity that … Continue reading

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First Weekend Back

You can see that my title-creativity is improving. So.  Friday night, after the testimonies, there were still unprecedented (at least for me) amounts of young people hanging about in Kriszpont, and they continued to hang out quite loudly until 6 … Continue reading

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[snow again, this time in Péterfalva]

I was walking to the dining hall from the classroom building, just coming out the door.  Some students had rushed out of class to the new snow as soon as the bell had rung, and they wasted no time beginning … Continue reading

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