Hól (Where)

The village of Péterfalva is populated primarily by ethnic Hungarians; this small part of Ukraine south of the Carpathian Mountains belonged to Hungary before the Trianon Treaty.

This is a link to a Wikipedia article about Péterfalva (also known at Tiszapéterfalva).  It’s in Hungarian, so while the text isn’t particularly helpful for most people, I can tell you that finding it was a great relief to me.  Proof it actually exists.  The page says that their are a little over 2100 residents, 90% of whom are Hungarian.  It was named after someone who lived in the 1200’s.  There’s some sort of cultural museum there.  It appears there is one hotel.  And apparently there is a sports-plex somewhere in town … ?

If you’d like to see a little bit of Péterfalva for yourself, check out this map in the satellite mode.  (It says Pijterfolvo on the map because that is the Ukrainian name of the town.)

Beregszasz is about 20 miles from Péterfalva and an hour by bus – a bus I’ll be taking back and forth once a week to teach for two days at a grammar school in Beregszasz.  This is a much bigger city – about 26,000 in 2004.  It’s size means I’ve been able to find some websites in English.  This one gives information about the entire region surrounding the city (though keep in mind it’s wearing rose-colored glasses), and this wikipedia article is much easier to cipher.

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  1. Jessica Shaffer says:

    I am so glad that your Mother gave your me your Blog. I will be checking this often. I talked to your family tonight. I am glad that you will get to see your Father and Brother soon….I will pray that your journey will be blessed. Talk to you later, Jessica Shaffer!

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