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[snow again, this time in Péterfalva]

I was walking to the dining hall from the classroom building, just coming out the door.  Some students had rushed out of class to the new snow as soon as the bell had rung, and they wasted no time beginning … Continue reading

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[more snow]

And the snow kept coming down. By Monday’s Beregszasz trip, there was enough snow on the ground to render the bus 20 minutes late.  I walked through Oreo-Blizzard-looking snow to get to Monday’s classes at the Gymnazium, glad for warm … Continue reading

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Let it snow! (Just so long as it doesn’t rain.)

The third most uncomfortable-while-remaining-undangerous feeling in the world is probably rain-soaked jean legs.  (Go here to read about the first and second.)  Perpetual rain has a way of making my outlook as soggy as my trousers, and Ukrainian roads and … Continue reading

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Here comes Mikulás

December 5  found me slowly making my way from Kolozsvár back to Péterfalva, crawling through the snow-dusted Carpathians in a struggling van, sitting at border crossings that took as long as the mountain crossings, watching the chalky dusk landscape wiz … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Pictures!

Below are some photographs from the two Thanksgiving celebrations I planned – one in Beregszasz at the Gymnaszium, one in Péterflava at the Líceum.  The pumpkin pies in Péterfalva were a bit easier to make for two reasons: Irmanéni (the … Continue reading

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