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New lessons of 2011

For my very first lesson of 2011, my preparation included watching the film Secondhand Lions three times.  It’s a rough life, I know, but somebody’s got to do it.  The second-year elective students watch a film for our lesson together … Continue reading

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In which I share with you one week of food

Day 1 Breakfast: pork, pickles, bread, butter, tea Lunch: creamy bean soup, mashed potatoes, pickled cabbage, pork, bread, tea Dinner: pasta with cabbage, pickles, bread, tea Day 2 Breakfast: hard-boiled eggs, bread, butter, tea Lunch-ish in Beregszasz: cherry pie, carrots, crackers, … Continue reading

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First Weekend Back

You can see that my title-creativity is improving. So.  Friday night, after the testimonies, there were still unprecedented (at least for me) amounts of young people hanging about in Kriszpont, and they continued to hang out quite loudly until 6 … Continue reading

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The Suitcase Saga, final episode

On Monday afternoon, I put on my green coat and my blue hat, slung my purse over my shoulder, and marched down to the bus station, determined to discover the fate of my suitcase.  The bus driver had assured me … Continue reading

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Visual Retrospective, forgetfulness edition

This was in my queue of photos to upload in the latest photograph post, but I forgot about it. In early December, I traveled to Kolozsvár, Romania, with some of the students from the Calvin Budapest semester.  We attended the … Continue reading

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What I told them

I had originally planned to write here words that were as close to what I said Friday night as I could remember.  But I don’t have phonographic memory, and my original audience – young Hungarians and a student translator – … Continue reading

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First Friday Back

I really need to get more creative with my titles.  Giving titles is always my least favorite part about writing something.  Maybe that’s why I was drawn to dramaturgy, a field where I could write a program note and just … Continue reading

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